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SSV 212 - Research Paper: Statistics and Sociology Databases

This guide will help you to complete your Crisis Intervention Research Paper.


This guide was created to help you with your Crisis Intervention Research Paper.

Edison Library Databases

The three databases below allow you to search more tables, statistics and articles on your topics.

Statistical Abstract: Formerly in print, the latest edition of which we do have in the library, this online source can be searched to find the most current statistical information from the United States Census Bureau.

NOTE: As of right now, the link below is not working for this database. Please use the link found on the Databases by Name page, instead.

The SocIndex and the Sociological Collection both offer articles and further information relating to your topics. If you are familiar with our other Ebsco databases (such as Academic Search Complete), these two databases search in much the same way. See the video tutorial page for more help.

Subject Guide

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