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MKT 216: Business Source Complete

This guide will aid you in completing your Group Marketing Project.

Business Source

Business source complete is a great place to continue your research on your company. See tips below for searching the Marketline Report, Industry and Company profiles, and information on trends in business, legislative and competitor environments.

How to use Business Source

In the document below, you will see how to find some of the documents that will most help you in your research.

1. Use the Company Profile page to find your MarketLine report with all your information on Key facts, SWOT and other information that you see in the next screenshot.

2. The circled sections will definitely give you great information in completing your assignment!

3. Going back to the Company Profile link allows you to find information such as: Academic Journal Articles, SWOT Analyses, Trade publications and Industry Profiles.

4. You can see that choosing the Industry Profile option will give you the reports relating to your company's industries around the world.