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PSY 227: Power Search

This guide will help students find the resources they need for their PSY 227 Abnormal Psychology Research paper.

Power Search

Articles, books, films, and more...


Enter your Psychological Disorder to find additional articles, books, films, etc.  If you are doing this from a computer that is not connected to the Edison network, you will then need to click at the top of the page, and log in by selecting Edison State Community College as your Institution, and entering your name and library card number (located on the back of your Edison Student ID). 

The Research Starter is a great place to get information about your Psychological Disorder.  You will need to carefully look through the rest of your results to make sure that the article/resource is relevant!

Click on a "Full Text" link to display the article/resource. Click on the article/resource Title to get an Abstract (description) of the article/resource, and then click the "Cite" link to find your APA Citation.

Note, after you have preformed a search, you can click the "Advanced Search" link to display additional search boxes where you can enter more search terms.

Subject Guide

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