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An aid in researching peer-reviewed articles


If you are not on an Edison State campus, you must login with you Edison credentials. This will require you to input your name and Library barcode number (the 14 digit number on the back of your student ID). If you don’t have access to your barcode number, contact the Library by phone (937-778-7950) or email

Power Search

Articles, books, films, and more...

How to Use Power Search

To begin, simply type in your topic to see the results. Following this, click on the "Advanced Search" underneath the search bar. This will allow you to specify that the publication source be from a physical therapy journal, and to choose that the articles be peer-reviewed. To do that, have your search in the first line, and the second should be:     physical thera*  and use the Select a Field drop box to choose "SO Journal title/Source". Also, be sure to check the box marked

Alternatively, simply type in your topic search, make sure to still have the

Subject Guide

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