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COM 121: Informative Speech Sources

This guide will help students find the resources they need for their speech assignments for COM 121


This guide was created to help you find credible sources that you can feel confident using in your Persuasive Speeches for COM 121.

Academic Search

Academic Search Complete

To limit your search by date, select "Advanced Search" and then enter your specific time period in the "Published Date" fields. You may also wish to select "EBSCO Full Text only." Finally, click "Search."

SIRS Researcher

Click the link below to find articles with a global perspective.

When you select the link, you will first need to select "Edison State Community College" as your Institution and then click "Submit."  Next, enter your name and library card number (located on the back of your Edison Student ID), and click "Submit."  Now you will be ready to look for topics and find credible sources!

Sources About Events

Click the link below to use the Facts on File database to find information on significant events from the 1940s to the present.  

Sources About People

Click the link below to discover biographical information on approximately half a million people.