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This guide will aid you in completing your Group Marketing Project.


This guide was created to help you complete your Group Marketing Project!

Federal Trade Commission

To check that your company or one of its competing companies does not have an existing legal case, use this site. It may aid in any decisions involving your product choices!

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For

CNN's website version of this list allows you to narrow down the Industry, Size, State, etc. This may help in figuring out a choice manufucturer for this project!

Company Website Search

Finding out information directly from the company's website is a great way to start your research. They will often provide the first-hand information that you need. Just make sure that it is actually sponsored by the company, and is not a webpage designed by an unreliable source.

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For additional questions on finding the sources that you need for your research, send us an email ( or call us (937-778-7950).