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CRJ: Researching Criminal Cases: Databases


Use the resources below to research your chosen criminal case. 


If you are not on an Edison State campus, you must login with your Edison credentials to access library resources. This will require you to input your name and Library barcode number (1973 + student ID #). If you need help, contact the Library by phone (937-778-7950) or email

Nexis Uni

Check Nexis Uni first. Follow the attached directions to search for cases. 

Google Scholar

After searching Nexis Uni, if you still need more info, check Google Scholar. After clicking the link, select "Case Law" and then choose the court. Search for a case by title or citation.

Legal Information Institute

If you need additional case info that you haven't found in Nexis Uni or Google Scholar, you may be able to find info in LII. 

Legal Collection

Legal Collection and Criminal Justice Abstracts are both EBSCO databases where you may be able to find academic articles about criminal cases. The "How Do I" doc applies to them both since they are searched the same way.

Criminal Justice Abstracts

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