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HST 127 Ancient Greece Presentation: Databases/eBooks


If not on an Edison State campus, Edison State login credentials are required to access library resources. This will require name and Library barcode number (1973 + student ID #). If any additional help is needed, contact the Library by phone (937-778-7950) or email


Use the databases and eBook catalogs below to search for resources on your topic. When using the EBSCO databases, remember to limit to "Academic Journals/Peer-Reviewed". 

What is a "Peer-Reviewed" Article?

If an article is peer-reviewed, it means that a board of scholarly reviewers have analyzed the article for quality of research and adherence to editorial standards of the journal before accepting it for publication. This high standard of writing, content, and research quality results in the highest quality scholarly articles on your subject.

If you use materials from peer-reviewed publications, they have been vetted by scholars in the field for quality and importance (SDSU Library, n.d.). 

SDSU Library. (n.d.). What is peer review? Retrieved July 14, 2020, from

EBSCO Databases

Electronic Book Center

EBSCO eBook Collection

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